Saint Gabriel

A legendary warrior that united mankind and founded the Church of Pelor


“Gabriel was a humble king, a passionate minister, a merciful warrior, He was the Last Son of Pelor, and the world has not seen his like since”

-Depictions; verse 1-5-12

“Gabriel was a good man. Honest and faithful. Valiant and willing to do anything for his cause. Perhaps a bit… ruthless. I remember a time, we were on the road to Irontree, when this little hamlet told us to bugger off. I wanted to just head around, they weren’t worth it, but ol’ Gabe got that look in his eyes and… We burned the place to the ground.”

-Mechlan Tariff, A personal account of Pelor’s War

“Gabriel is dead, and we have killed him. He went mad, and Father Alex needed someone to help him…. Gods have mercy on my soul….”

-Last words of Jonathan Nietzsche

Saint Gabriel

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