List of Ages

Each Age lasts 500-1000 years, and this list only covers events which occurred to the Northern Kingdoms.

The Dawn Age: Before the birth of any mortal races, the Gods shaped the world and imprisoned the Devils in the Nine Hells, and banish the Traveler inside the Living Gate.

The Elder Age: Elves are created, and flourish throughout the land, and soon Dwarves and many other races which are lost to time join them. Death is not yet known to the mortal races.

First Age of Strife: The Elves trick the dwarves into constructing the Staff of Ichor, and the two peoples go to war for hundreds of years. Death is seen for the first time in the world.

The First War in Heaven: Vosk rises out of the realm of Dusk and wages war against the Gods, creating the Antiseed and blocking the sun for four years.

The First Plague: Mankind is created, and named the Sons of Pelor. Their diseases and war destroy the Dwarven and Elven kingdoms, and utterly eliminate several other species.

The Second Age of Strife: The three great peoples wage war for hundreds of years. The first known records are from these days.

The Age of Poisons: much of humanity begins to serve Zehir, while the Elves descend underground to follow Zehir’s sister, Lolth. This human kingdom becomes known as the Yuan-Ti, and wage war against the Dwarves and Elves. The Dwarves defeat and enslave mankind and subsequently create the race of Halflings.

Age of Giants: Durgin, believing his sons the Dwarves to have foregone his teachings with their enslavement of mankind, creates the Giants, believing they shall be a more morally pure heir. The giants conquer the dwarves and set free the humans, and give the Halflings their own land to settle, the empty southern islands.

The Second War in Heaven: The Skyfall occurs, and the Traveler is freed from his prison by an unknown force.

The Third Age of Strife: Mankind and many other races become ignorant to their origins and worship false gods, causing many wars and crusades between the various races and kingdoms.

The First Age of Heroes: The Northern Kingdoms are reunited by Saint Gabriel and his warriors, before being enslaved by the Giants. In this era many legends such as Ulthor and Mechlan Tariff are born.

The Age of Dragons: ?

List of Ages

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