The Drow


“A fallen queen and sunless deaths await them all.”

-Nathanial Greenwater, captain of the Irontree Subterranean Guard.

Long ago, in the Age of Poisons, when Zehir’s people covered the earth, the Elves had no way to stop them. Their venoms and magic slew thousands of their soldiers, and the elves had been driven to the brink of extinction. In desperation, one sect of the elves, then known as the Visnomur, turned to Lolth, Lady of Spiders, for a way to combat their foes. Lolth instructed them to tunnel deep beneath the surface of the world, to find her in her palace. The Visnomur dug, and dug, becoming far removed from the rest of Elvenkind. Slowly, Lolth changed them, made them cruel and deceitful, made them masters of poison and torture. Then she told them that their great work has been rewarded, that for their display of faith, Lolth would destroy the Yuan-ti once and for all. They returned to the surface to find that yes, the Yuan-ti had been destroyed, but in their place were other empires, Dwarves and Humans and their elven brethren. These people called them the Drow, which in those days meant “Poison” So the Drow turned against their goddess, and fought wars amongst themselves for many years, so that Lolth was starved of worship, and grew sick. What remains of Drow civilization fight civil wars in crumbling cities or roam the Underdark searching for slaves and soldiers.

The Drow

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