The Dwarven Republic

The history of dwarfkind is a long, and often bloody one. Many kingdoms, empires and states have risen and fallen within Durgin’s Walls

The Dwarven Republic was brought about to end that cycle of violence and petty rulers, with a Grand Revolution to create a democratic republic to serve the whole of the dwarven people.

With massive legions and great war machines, the Republic is a military powerhouse, and uses that power to patrol the borders of the Lost Land, and maintain a bristling border with the Sakhil Kingdom to the south, with which it often wages short, intermittent wars.

The capitol of the Republic is Hecate, the ancient capitol of dwarven civilization, which has, in recent years, degraded into a winding labyrinth of bureaucracy and corruption, in many ways mirroring the Republic as a whole.

The Dwarven Republic

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