The Gods


The Gods are powerful beings from the dawn of time, creating and guiding the mortal races over time. Once, they manifested themselves physically, but in these dark days, they only dare send Angels if something threatens the earth.


Pelor, Lord of Light and father of mankind
Selai, Lady of the Sea and mother of Elves
Hairut, First Son of Pelor, master of Discovery and War
Ioun, First Daughter of Selai and mistress of Knowledge and magic
Durin, Second Son of Pelor, lord of Earth and forger of Dwarves
Avandra, Second Daughter of Selai, lady of luck and trade, mother of halflings
Bahamut, Third Son of Pelor, Master of Honor and Law, adoptive father of Halflings
Shar, Third Daughter of Selai, lady of Thieves and Lovers

Tiamat: Daughter of Bahamut, Mother of Dragons
Lolth: Daughter of Shar, Lady of Spiders, mistress of the Drow
Bathet: Son of Durin, Lord Of Lords, Maker of Crowns
Kivok(deceased): Son of Hairut, Lord of Stars, slain by/turned into the Traveler
Nuur: The Orphan God, Shepard of the downtrodden
Vosk, the Inverted Sun, Bastard Son of Pelor, lord of shadow

The Gods

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