Travelaris Astronomica


The Seven Teachings of the Lord of the Sky:

If one cannot rule, they are not fit for power. If one cannot work, one is not fit for pay. If one cannot survive, one is not fit to live. All that lives has earned it, and all that dies deserves it.

Nothing has lived that will not die. Nothing has been sharpened that will not wound. Elves, Dwarves, Men, all are born to Die. And thus man shall live forever, being most eager to pursue his fate.

You must never Give. Giving is weakness, and that which is Weak cannot be allowed to live. Crutches give, so Cripples must die. Nuns give, so Orphans must die. You were Given life, and that is why death gnaws at you. Our Lord took life, stole it from the gods, and thus he shall live forever.

You must never bend to the will of others. Civilization is a lie. Honor, Truth, Loyalty, All are barriers. A King shall only rule with the sword and the fist.

Deal in currency only when you must. Money is a construct of society, and cannot survive without agreement. And if it cannot sustain itself, then it must die.

If you are ever bested, if you are proven unable to live without the aid of the world, then you must die. If healed by others, if saved from doom, you have failed in your duty.

You are to be manifold and madness, you are to be a Plague and a Poison, coursing through the heart of civilization. These rules are harsh, but True. If all that lives is fit to live, then His vision will be fulfilled, and we shall Live Forever.

Aiat, Aiat, Aiat

Travelaris Astronomica

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